Wednesday, October 6, 2010



Latin Insults! Want to know how to say some modern-day phrases (and, let's face it, weird stuff) in Latin? OF COURSE! Columbia University has all your answers here.

Some Books Make a Great First Impression--want yours to be one of them? Check out one site's version of the 100 best first lines of novels right here.

Aaaand, finally, YEAR OF THE YOUTH. Welcome to the new and improved zodiac. Okay, not really, but the UN is doing some pretty amazing things. Find out more right here.

That's all. Go, click away!

And have a lovely, lovely Thursday. See you soon!


September... almost.

Hey there, inter-webs!

Long time no talk. Sorry about that. Happy September, though. Yes, yes, I know it's technically October (and has been for five days, way to go) but this post is about our SEPTEMBER issue.

It's our 11th issue of ARROW. Like, wow. I'm so, so happy and grateful to everyone who has enabled us to carry on our little magazine for a second year. It really is a group effort, and this is eleven times as cool as it was this time last year when our first issue came out :)

So, I have some NEWS:

We're considering having our meetings on Thursdays from now on. Does this work for you? We're--or, at least, I am--hoping to have our meetings once a week, on the same day every week. Wouldn't that simplify things for you guys? So, what do you think: when are you free?

OCTOBER! Our theme is Make Believe. It's all about fantasy, persuasion, religion, Halloween and other lovely things, some of which only exist in our minds. We would love it if you would like to submit something. But please, no blank pages with a note in the bottom says, "THIS PAGE IS ACTUALLY FULL OF STUFF! IMAGINE IT!"

So yeah, that's basically my only article ideas :D

I'm going to post on the links for my September articles, too. Have a great day!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

june corrections

Hey there, world,

Our June issue of Arrow just came out today, and yes, it's the last of the year. Exciting, no? It has yet to be delivered around town and already I have a few corrections to make!

Somewhere in the zine there's a page called "Summer 2010" all about the events going on this summer and... some of the information is pretty wrong. Music and Friends is canceled this year and Aboriginal Days was actually June 16. Oh, and the Farmers' Market takes place from 9 am to 1 pm.

Sorry for the inaccuracy. I was using for my info and apparently some of it is wrong. Sorry again!

By the way, this summer we're going to try and get all of the issues uploaded online, so watch out for my arrow!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Pulling Through

So, it's our last week at school, and to help you ease the pain and stress of last minute projects and final exams, we have Arrow. Lovely isn't it?

Okay, so, jokes aside, Arrow will be coming out on Wednesday. I believe it's our thickest issue ever, and the cover wasn't done by us! I think that's only ever happened once before. True, it looks different, but hey, school's out! I don't think anyone cares any more.

We had a, printing issues and last minute check-up issues. So, while we were printing, the printer ran out of ink; and then, we didn't get the cover until today...then, because we were so worn out and tired, we didn't do a last minute check-up with our handy white out and black pens.

But, even so, we pulled through to bring you the best, shiniest, fullest issue ever, so be grateful and...look forward to us next school year? We're still debating, so stay tuned! =D


Thursday, June 10, 2010

happy days in arrow country


So, June, our last issue of the year is rapidly approaching. Got anything to submit? Please?

There are no themes standing in your way this month, just the usual please keep everything school appropriate--they pay for our photocopying! Other than that, anything goes. Get out your pen and paper and get creative!
If there are any aspiring poets (or people who like to listen to aspiring poets... or just people who suck at poetry) out there, this Friday--yes, short notice, don't kill me--at Cafenara at 7pm we're going to be holding our first ever Poetry Party! WHOOOP!!

By "we" I don't actually mean the arrow club, although this is totally up our alley. One of my friends and I are organizing this event. It's something that our families do as an annual event and we wanted to try it for ourselves but more... youthful.

Another thing, just to lighten the mood, check this out. Tee-hee, Forbes.

In other news, SESAME STREET!

Sorry for the language, but hey, he has a right to be offended. People these days...

Erika :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy for May Long

We kind of suck at this, don't we? To make things fair, though, we are extremely busy people! Bringing you the best we can give, all the while balancing our social lives and trying to keep sane is not an easy feat, you know!

Anyway, April's issue was Going Lime Green. There was a holiday in the middle of April's issue, which really messed up our connections with the regular contributor's of Arrow. However, through one day of panicking, scrounging, hoarding, and breathing down people's necks, we managed to pull through. We collected and wrote--and wisely spaced out!--pictures, articles and the like into a fairly decent issue.

This month's issue is Happiness...a little too cliche? Well, we try to keep as far away from that as possible! This issue will also have a hint of Cuba, as most of the Arrow crew went to Cuba for 11 days! Unfortunately for me, though, that left me in charge of hoarding and collecting from the few contributors left behind! Not everyone's comfortable with having their things published after all, no matter how small scale.

Because of this little Cuba interruption, we'd like to give these people a little recuperation time. So, Arrow will be coming out the week following May long. It's going to be super thick, and full of contributions we hope! Look forward to it!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

marching forth

Woot, woot, Arrow!

Nice to see you again--it's certainly been a while. This month--or this coming month, March--our theme is Lost in Translation. So we totally ripped off the movie, I know, I know. We're busting our butts and cramping our fingers, though, to "beef up" this issue. Our past two have been... rather slim, shall we say.

Today I was at the library, and a woman (also named Erika, but spelled like Ereka. Weird) told me that a lot of elementary school kids who come in there with their parents see our magazine and are jazzed, because they like to write and they can't wait till they get to Skeena. Thing is, Arrow isn't so much a "Skeena" thing as it is a "people" thing. When we all go to Cal, it'll either come with us or wither and die, basically.

So! I'm thinking perhaps our next meeting should be more heavily advertised throughout the community--maybe even the newspaper?--so that we can invite everyone and anyone to partake in some arrow. Any thoughts?

That's what I'm thinking, anyways. If anyone can think of a good time and place, suggestions are welcome!